Travel and Transportation

Traveling to Lehigh University is straightforward and easy. There are a number of possible options, depending on whether you are traveling with budget constraints, whether you want to minimize layovers or whether you will be combining GREC and ICDAR 2013

Please use this map of all worshop locations and access points to plan your trip.

A detailed map of the Lehigh capus is available on the University website.


Travelers should be aware that the options listed below are so by decreasing order of convenience.

The most convenient way to come to Lehigh University is through Lehigh International Airport (ABE), the second is Newark International Airport (EWR).

Flying directly into Lehigh International Airport (ABE)

This is by far the most convenient solution for those not wanting to rely on multi-modal transportation. It is likely to be the less economic, however. Depending on layovers and connection times, it may also not be the fastest.

Lehigh International Airport (ABE) is only a 15 min drive from the workshop location and hotel.

Worshop attendees staying at the Confort Suites Hotel can take advantage of their free shuttle service, operating from 8am to midnight. The other hotels listed on the Accomodation page may offer similar services. 

Those who do not wish to use the shuttle service should be advised that there are no satisfying public transportation options from the airport to Lehigh University, and that they should either rent a car, or rely on private transportation services, available at the arrival level. A list of operators is available from the airport website.


Getting back to the airport with public transportation is possible, however. Please refer to the Lehigh Valley local public transportation service for further information.

The bus stop in the immediate vicinity of the workshop and hotel is on the corner of New St. and East 4th St.

Tickets can be bought from the bus driver, but exact change is required.

Flying to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

This is probably the fastest and most cost-effective solution. It does involve taking either a shuttle bus, or renting a car, and a 1h30 drive to Lehigh campus.

The bus company operating between the New York airports (both EWR and JFK) and the Lehigh Valley is Transbridge lines. Their schedules can be found here, and their fares here.

When arriving from New York, the most convenient bus stop, closest to the workshop venue and the hotel is Adams and Mechanic in South Bethlehem, as shown on this map.

Flying to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

This solution is as fast as flying to Newark Liberty, and also requires either renting a car to drive to the Lehigh campus or taking a shuttle bus. It is likely to be slightly less cost effective. 

The bus company operating between Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley is Bieber Tourways. Unlike Transbridge, they do not ride directly from the airport, and travelers need to transfer from the airport to the downtown Greyhound station first. The schedules for Bieber Tourways between Philadelphia and Bethlehem are available here

When arriving from Philadelphia, the bus stop closest to the workshop venue and the hotel is at the bus station on Adams and Mechanic in South Bethlehem, as shown on this map.

Travel Options when Combining GREC and ICDAR

Attendees combining GREC and ICDAR (whom we suspect to be the majority - please fill out the poll) should be aware that the GREC workshop organizers will be arranging a transfer between the two events on Thursday, August 22.
Below are a couple of travel options, taking advantage, or not taking advantage of the organized transfer.
International travelers should be aware that "triangular" flights (e.g. arriving at EWR and departing from WAS) are not necessarily more expensive than regular round-trip flights.

Option 1: XXX - EWR then WAS - XXX

When traveling internationally, this is probably the most convenient way of travel:

  1. fly into Newark Liberty Airport from wherever you are coming;
  2. use one of the options described here to travel from Newark Liberty Airport to the workshop venue;
  3. participate to GREC 2013;
  4. take the organized transfer bus to ICDAR in Washington, D.C.;
  5. fly back home directly from Washington D.C.

Option 2: XXX - ABE or XXX-EWE then ABE - WAS - XXX

Travelers should be aware that United Airlines is discontinuing its service between Washington D.C. and the Lehigh Intl. Airport. Consequently, there will be no direct flights in operation anymore at the time of the workshop. 

Arriving directly at the Lehigh Intl. Airport stil has a number of advantages (like not having to take a bus from Newark), but will likely have a significant impact on total travel time, since the segment form and to Washington D.C. will involve layovers. There are direct services from other major international hubs, like Chicago and Atlanta, however.