List of Accepted Papers

Highlighted papers have confirmed registrations. A selection of fully reviewed papers have been published by Springer as LNCS volume 8746.

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# Authors Title
5 Tong Lu, Feng Su and Ruoyu Yang Recognition and Reconstruction from Complex Line Drawings
7 Lukas Tencer, Marta Re┼żnáková and Mohamed Cheriet SketchMatch: An Incremental Approach towards Online Sketch Recognition
9 Anuj Sharma Recovery of drawing order of offline handwritten digits
10 Hoang Nam Ho, Christophe Rigaud, Jean-Christophe Burie and Jean-Marc Ogier Redundant structure detection in attributed adjacency graphs for character detection in comics books
11 George Nagy, David W. Embley and Daniel Lopresti Boxy, semi-structured document elements
12 Ludovic Paulhac and Jean-Philippe Domenger A stitching method for large document images
13 Marçal Rusiñol, Dimosthenis Karatzas and Josep Llados Spotting Graphical Symbols in Camera-Acquired Documents in Real Time
14 Pedro Company, Peter A.C. Varley and Raquel Plumed A new algorithm to group lines converging to vanishing points in perspective sketches of polyhedra
15 Mickaël Coustaty, Benjamin Duthil, Vincent Courboulay and Jean-Marc Ogier Adaptative Saliency for Logo Spotting
16 Benjamin Duthil, Mickaël Coustaty, Vincent Courboulay and Jean-Marc Ogier Visual saliency and terminology extraction for document classification
17 Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman, Hoang Nam Ho, Jean-Christophe Burie and Jean-Marc Ogier Automatic indexing of comic page images for query by example based focused content retrieval
18 Hiroshi Kajiwara, Hiroharu Kawanaka, Koji Yamamoto, Haruhiko Takase and Shinji Tsuruoka</td> A Study on Modified Weighted Direction Index Histogram Method for Schema Recognition
19 Van Cuong Kieu, Alicia Fornés, Muriel Visani and Journet Nicholas, Anjan Dutta The ICDAR/GREC 2013 Music Scores Competition on Staff Removal
21 Yves Rangoni, Eric Ras and Szilard Vajda Using handwriting recognition modality in tangible user interface
22 Anjan Dutta, Josep Lladós, Horst Bunke and Umapada Pal A Product graph based method for dual subgraph matching applied to symbol spotting
24 Pierre Héroux, Pierre Le Bodic and Sébastien Adam Datasets for the Evaluation of Substitution-Tolerant Subgraph Isomorphism
25 Lluís-Pere De Las Heras, Ernest Valveny and Gemma Sanchez Combining structural and statistical strategies for unsupervised wall detection in floor plans
26 Lluís-Pere De Las Heras, David Fernández, Alicia Fornés, Ernest Valveny, Gemma Sanchez and Josep Llados Perceptual Retrieval of Architectural Floor Plan Images
27 Anguelos Nicolaou, Marcus Liwicki and Rolf Ingold Investigating the Power of Integral Histograms for Document Images, a Binarization Case Study
28 Max Feltes, Sheraz Ahmed and Marcus Liwicki. Improved Contour-Based Key Point Detection for Architectural Floor Plans
29 Klaus Broelemann, Anjan Dutta, Xiaoyi Jiang and Josep Lladós Hierarchical Plausibility-Graphs for Symbol Spotting in Graphical Documents
30 Christophe Rigaud, Dimosthenis Karatzas, Jean-Christophe Burie and Jean-Marc Ogier Speech balloon contour classification in comics
31 Anirban Mukherjee, Utpal Garain and Arindam Biswas Evaluation of the Graphical Representation for Text-to-Graphic Conversion Systems
32 Ricardo Barboza, Rafael Lins and Luiz Nagata Filtering out Readers’ Underline in Color and Monochromatic Documents
34 Nibal Nayef, Wonmin Byeon and Thomas Breuel Towards Searchable Line Drawings, a Content-based Symbol Retrieval Approach with Variable Query Complexity
35 Dirceu Cavalcante, Ednardo Mariano and Rafael Lins Recognizing the Graphical Elements to Efficiently Compress Teaching Board Images
36 Bart Lamiroy Interpretation, Evaluation and the Semantic Gap ... What if we Were on a Side-Track?
37 Syed Saqib Bukhari, Hasan S. M. Al-Khaffaf, Faisal Shafait, Mohd Azam Osma, Abdullah Z. Talib, and Thomas M. Breuel GREC’13 Arc and Line Segmentation Contest